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Tamara Kramar is a Brighton-based singer-songwriter from Slovakia.

Her musical career is as old as the pandemic, kicking off in 2020 with a few international collaborations. Tamara released her first solo single, So Sweet, in the summer of 2021 as the first taste of her upcoming debut EP. In early 2022 her following release, Hey Pretty Girl,  premiered on BBC Radio Introducing and later became the song of the day. Her latest release Oh my mind is the last single before the rest of the EP drops in winter!

This year has been fruitful for Tamara - not only did she finish her undergraduate studies in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, she also won the Discovery of the Year at the Radio_Head Awards curated by Radio_FM. Following her true passions, Tamara enrolled in a Music Production Master's degree to begin this fall.

In the meantime, Tamara is busy playing solo and full-band gigs and festivals across her home country and the UK, inspired mainly by the Neo-Soul scene of the 90s with a modern pop twist.


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